Rights! welcomes unsolicited pieces in each of its 5 sections: Agora, Beginnings, Speakers’ Corner, Notebook, The TLA Zone. Specific calls for papers will be advertised here when available. If you would like to contribute, please choose a section from the list below and prepare your piece in accordance with the blog’s language and style guidelines.

A summary of the guidelines, including examples, is available here.

Guidelines for Submission

Every submission is reviewed by the Editor of the section who may ask for amendments/edits before the piece is passed on to the Editor-in-Chief for final approval and publication.


  • While in the long term we hope to operate in multiple languages, for the time being we can only accept submissions in English.
  • Regardless of the English variant which you use, your grammar must be at a publishable level and carefully edited to remove structural errors or typos. If you wish to submit a piece, we encourage you to have it proof-read before submitting it.
  • Please indicate if your submission has been published or submitted for consideration elsewhere.


  • Referencing must be via in-text citations in any variant of the Harvard System. Please do not use footnotes.
  • You are welcome to embed hyperlinks to your sources in addition to, or in the place of, academic referencing.
  • Place all quotations in standard quotation marks and indent longer quotes. Do not write quotations in Italics.
  • If images are used, they must be accompanied by full copyright attribution.


This area is reserved for those authors who possess academic/professional expertise or unique insight into the topic at hand. We welcome various methodological and disciplinary approaches ranging from academic articles to op-eds, from desk-based research to field work, from Law to Humanities, from Politics to Social Sciences. Pieces in this section are academic in style and analytical in substance. Supporting materials should be referenced according to academic standards. Word count: 1000-2500.


Submissions for this section consist of quality excerpts from theses and essays written by students and recent graduates of MA and PhD programmes. Word count: 1000-2000 words for essays and 1500-2500 words for theses.

Speakers’ Corner

This section is for short blog posts by students, graduates, academics, experts, diplomats and practitioners. Written in an informal but informed style, these posts engage the readers in prompt reactions and discussion. Word count: 800-1500.


This section comprises interviews with leading actors in the field of human rights and democratisation, reviews of recent books and articles, case studies, reports/outcomes of events or conferences… References should be according to academic standards and the author should engage in critical analysis rather than description. Word count: 800-1500.

The TLA Zone

This area of the blog is reserved to those willing to share experiences, testimonies and projects in teaching, learning and applying human rights and democratisation. Submissions consist of written pieces, videos, presentations, pod/webcasts, photo essays, advocacy tools or other creative and action-oriented piece of work. Word count: 1000-1500.