Call for papers

Rights! issues periodical calls for papers for all its sections.

December 2020

The last decades have seen a surge in political movements across the world. Mass demonstrations, riots, occupations and civil disobedience have spread from Hong Kong, to Hungary, from the US to Paris, from India to Nigeria, and from Brazil to the UK. People have marched, occupied and protested to reclaim their fundamental rights, at times using unconventional or even contested methods for participating in the democratic process.

Rights! is now welcoming articles, photographic essays, short documentaries, and other forms of visual art from scholars, practitioners and activists for our new thematic series Taking to the Streets. This series will cover topics including, but not limited to:

  • Democracy and dissent
  • Extra-institutional resistance
  • Dissidence, resistance, insurgency and rebellion
  • Human rights and “quasi-legal” or “illegal” political action
  • Acts of everyday resistance – i.e. hunger strikes, satyagraha, hacktivism, etc.
  • Political resistance, disobedience and individual resistance (conscientious objection)
  • Social movements e.g. Black Lives Matter, Fridays for Future, Un Violador en Tu Camino etc.
  • Environmentalism
  • Art as resistance

In order to submit a written piece for this thematic series, authors are encouraged to check our house style and submission guidelines. Rights! articles are typically written in an informal but informed style, the word count for this call is 800-1200 words. Please contact us with any questions regarding multimedia, poetry or other formats. Approved content will be published in the ‘Quick Read’ or ‘Watch/Listen’ sections of our website.

Our initial deadline for this call is March 31 2021.

May 2020

We are currently inviting contributions for an ongoing series of short-think pieces we are publishing under the topic Human Rights in the Age of COVID-19. In particular, we are hoping to share with our readers a wide range of discussion pieces that explore under-reported impacts of the pandemic on human rights. Submission guidelines for this Special Feature Series can be found here.

Submissions for all calls should be sent to and will be reviewed and published on an ongoing basis.

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