Concrete Mother

– A poem by Jamie Graham

concrete woman, Jamie Graham, Pixaby

Her cares come way down the list
Confide in her
Always listening

Walking hours to fetch water
The final sip is always hers
Sick children screaming
No time for her dreams

Helping her neighbours
Passing on knowledge
A fountain
Female mountain

To all who observe

Too easy to forget
For those she has met
She’s human
Beneath all her kindness

One cataract masking
Half of her world
Soldiering on
No weapons just words

Relied upon
When she bursts into song
The whole village comes alive
And happiness starts to arrive

Stretching resources
Others waste in casinos
All she knows
Is her hand has been dealt

Every night at sundown
A small crack appears on her brow
She worries for just a moment
Before returning to concrete somehow

To all who observe

Jamie Graham is an author and poet from East Lothian in Scotland. You can follow him on Twitter @jgrahamwriter

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