Symposium: Human Rights, the Environment and Climate Change

Rights! is glad to present a symposium on the interrelation between human rights, the environment and climate change:

Fernanda Barbosa Loss: “The Human Right to a Healthy Environment and International Jurisprudence”

Dyantha Boxum: “United Nations Human Rights Council: What about Climate Change?”

Otto Spijkers: “The Urgenda Decision of the Dutch District Court: Using Tort Law to Urge the State to Do More in Combating Climate Change”

Sofia Vasco, Alberto Abdul Latifo Loiola and Miguel Natha: “Impact of Local Communities’ Resilience Strategies on the Occurrence of Natural Disasters: Practical Experiences in Mozambique”

The four contributions will analyse the human rights dimension of the environment and climate change, offering innovative perspectives on some of the most pressing issues of our times.

Stay connected and read on!

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