Publishing with us!

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Like many others around the world, Rights! has felt some fatigue during the pandemic.

As we are all volunteers, family and professional challenges have unfortunately affected our ability to operate the blog at the level we had hoped. We have now undergone a major internal restructuring to facilitate review and speed up publications. 

We are also looking for new editors who can join Rights! with new ideas and perspectives.

We do not expect any full-time commitment, but we do expect enthusiastic people not simply willing to write and read about human rights, but also open to diverse arguments.  
If you are interested in what we do and would like to be part of Rights! please write to us at and send us your cv.

If you are not interested in becoming an editor, but you want to publish with us, please be sure to read our publication guidelines here. The email address where to send your articles is
We look forward to receiving your comments and your own pieces.

Rights! Editorial Team

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