Rights! Stands with Ukraine

We stand with Ukraine and with all those under the bombs, threatened every day.

Some of our readers might wonder why we express our solidarity only now, and the reason is simple. Our editorial members were busy trying to find refuge for those fleeing the war, trying to create links between people across borders, giving legal advice to asylum seekers, and writing a piece on this outlet was surely not our priority.

There was no urgency for us to write, also since we do not have special access to the ground, nor more information to share than reporters do.

There was and there is the urgency to mobilize and act though, supporting NGOs on the ground proving medical assistance, and delivering food and blankets.

Each of us has been involved in her own personal and professional network in supporting people fleeing the war, but now we also want to contribute as part of this editorial project and not simply by verbally expressing our solidarity with people in and from Ukraine. So, while in the coming weeks, we will collect and provide information on the different asylum application processes within the EU to make it easier for those who want to apply to navigate bureaucracy, we also want to promote all those associations that act on the ground in Ukraine and in neighbouring countries.

Consider donating your time and money to help Ukrainians now.

VoicesofChildren The Voices of Children Foundation is a Ukrainian NGO that has been helping children affected by the war since 2015.

Partnership for Every Child Ukrainian NGO working with and for kids and their families – members of our networks of human rights defenders have worked with them for years and can vouch for their transparency and hard work.

Vostok SOS Ukrainian NGO established in 2014. Comprehensive assistance to conflict-affected persons and IDPs, promoting democratic transformation and human rights values in Ukraine.

Red Cross Ukraine Provides medical assistance and first-aid to those wounded, in Ukraine and at the borders.

Rescue International They provide essential items that people displaced from Ukraine tell them they need. These include blankets, warm clothes, cookstoves, groceries, basic supplies, and—where possible—cash. Through our partners, the IRC will also connect people with information about asylum and available services including legal counseling and psychological support.

Doctors Without Borders Provides medical support on the ground.

World Central Kitchen Provides cooked meals to people who crossed the border and to those who are still in Ukraine.

Forbidden Colours Forbidden Colours is the first LGBTI fund hosted by the King Baudouin Foundation, founded in 1976 by the late King of the Belgians, Baudouin. Now, they are collecting money to support the Ukrainian LGBTQI community, trying to bring LGBTQI members to safety.

Polish Center for International Aid The Polish Center for International Aid had supported Ukraine even before 24th February, when the Russian military invaded the country. When the war broke out, the Polish Center for International Aid has immediately initiated a fundraising campaign to finance the work of Ukrainian humanitarian workers who cooperate on-site with the Polish foundation helping Ukrainians evacuate and provide further assistance on the move.

UN Office Organization Humanitarian Affairs The Ukraine Humanitarian Fund (UHF) is a multi-donor humanitarian financing instrument managed by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) under the leadership of the Humanitarian Coordinator (HC). The Fund receives unearmarked funding from donors and allocates it in response to priority humanitarian needs through joint planning and an inclusive and field-driven decision-making process.

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